Welcome to AP Personalexpert

Whether you are searching for a job or project, or need the right employee, we at AP Personalexpert bring people together and are your specialist for temporary work and personnel recruitment in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region.

For applicants

Salary as per the terms of a union contract.

Option for customer takeover

Training programs

For companies

No termination or default risks

Compensation of staff shortages

Time and cost savings

For both

High time savings

Responsible handling

Years of experience and expertise

Why AP Personalexpert?

As a link between employers and employees, we help bridge personnel gaps and offer applicants a maximum of flexibility. We ensure that supply and demand find each other quickly and without detours.

Our placement service covers many industries and positions ranging from entry-level jobs to skilled workers and positions with management responsibilities. To meet the needs of companies and employees, we rely on personal support and dedicated contact persons in our team.

News & Job Offers

Stay up to date by following our current job openings on our official social media channels under the name AP-Personalexpert. We invite you to subscribe to our social media accounts to always stay up-to-date. AP-Personalexpert is your reliable partner in personnel recruitment.

Your advantages as a company

If you are looking for suitable employees, you can save the time-consuming process of job posting and filtering suitable applicants. By outsourcing, you can hand over these tasks to competent personnel agencies that take over these processes completely for you and introduce you to suitable candidates.

Our commitment

Our connection to our clients is our top priority, and we want to efficiently and goal-orientedly assist you in order to best support your company.

Time savings

We scale employees for you and provide you with personnel when needed, giving you the opportunity to refocus on other areas.

More than just placement.

As your contact person, we take care of coordinating and capacity planning for your employees in your company.

Flexible calculation

Whether for larger or smaller companies, unexpected fluctuations in orders require a great deal of flexibility. We efficiently adapt to your needs.

Cost savings

Save unexpected employee costs due to illness and vacation. Inquire today about all the benefits that AP Personnel Expert offers you.

Communication & Consulting

We are happy to advise you in the areas of acceptance and acclimation of our placed personnel, while at the same time discussing your expectations with the employees.

Your advantages as an applicant

Just as with the benefits for companies, our outsourcing process also offers you the advantage of searching for the right position and saves you the time-consuming process of multiple job advertisements. Through the trust built between our partner companies and us, we reduce the number of rejections and increase your chances of finding the right company for you

Our commitment

We not only want to place you, but also ensure that you feel just as comfortable in your new work environment as you wish and imagine.

Time savings

In the future, don't worry about writing numerous job applications, waiting for responses or rejections, we'll take care of the initial interviews for you.

More than just placement.

We also represent your interests outside of our placement process and are happy to assist you with submitting official documents and answering questions.

Career advancement opportunities

Through our personnel placement, you have the best opportunities to transition from temporary work to a permanent employment with full commitment!

Cost coverage.

In temporary work, you benefit from all employee rights - vacation entitlement, collective agreement including vacation and Christmas bonuses and much more.

Communication & Consulting

We are also happy to advise our applicants in the areas of acceptance and acclimation and, at the same time, discuss their needs with the companies.